First Responders

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Helping First Responders Injured On Duty

First responders are the first line of defense in any emergency situation. Police officers, firefighters and EMTs respond to the most dangerous situations at great risk to themselves on a daily basis. All too often, emergency responders are injured while trying to help others. These injuries can be especially devastating as they can often prevent emergency responders from being able to work and provide for their families.


Experience Assisting Emergency Responders

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At Smejkal Law, we have extensive experience in these matters, and we proudly help safety officers and first responders get the maximum available benefits after injuries on the job.

We represent first responders throughout the State of Florida.

Understanding Florida Statute 112.18

The Heart/Lung Bill

Florida Statute 112.18, commonly referred to as the “The Heart and Lung” bill which enacted the presumption that if a law enforcement officer develops any cardiovascular disease, or hyper-tension, during their employment, that disease is a result of their employment, providing that they were free of the aliment prior to employment, and therefore are entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits.

If you are a police officer, firefighter, or correctional officer who has suffered from one of the occupational diseases outlined above, your injury may be presumed to have been caused by your employment and you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

We can help assure that you are getting full benefits.


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