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Types of Benefits Provided by Workers’ Compensation

By May 19, 2021No Comments

Payment of Medical Expenses

This includes your current expenses and all those you expect to have in the future due to your injury. Medical care means any care necessary to repair your injury and relieve your pain.

Payments for your disability and lost wages

You may be classified as temporarily or permanently partially disabled or permanently totally disabled. The disability rating is based on the doctors opinion of permanent loss of use of a body part. Not all body parts are rated.

Types of Settlements

Temporarily disabled or partially disabled. If you are temporarily disabled and will be able to return to your former employment after a recovery period, or partially disabled and will be able to be employed but at a reduced wage, you are entitled to have your medical expenses paid and be compensated for your lost wages.

Permanently disabled?

This is based on a complicated procedure. If certain criteria are met, you may be eligible to collect benefits for your medical expenses and lost wages for the remainder of your life. Usually these weekly benefits are limited to a maximum of 500 weeks except for certain exceptions.

A “clincher” agreement is a final settlement, and this should include compensation for all medical expenses and lost wages you ever expect to incur. The agreement has to be approved by a workers’ compensation Deputy Commissioner. Once the court approves the settlement agreement, you give up forever your right to seek additional benefits.

All of these benefits need to be coordinated with other benefits like Social Security Disability, Medicare, Unemployment, and other disability policies. A good lawyer in this field can make a big difference in maximizing your recovery from all sources.