Areas of Practice

Your Workers' Compensation Case

Were you injured on the job? Do you understand your rights when filing a workers' compensation claim? Filing a Workers' Compensation claim is time sensitive.  According to Florida Law, once 2 years have passed since your accident, your time to file a claim can only be extended by up to one year form the last time any payment of compensation or medical benefits was made by the workers' compensation insurance carrier.

I am the founding attorney of The Law Office of Dennis Dean Smejkal, P.A. I have more than 30 years of experience handling workers' compensation cases in Orlando and Central Florida.

Through this experience I have seen it all. I know how the workers' compensation system works, how the law applies to your situation and what action to take to protect your rights to get you the treatment and benefits you need.

Guiding You Through Your Claim

I represent clients in all types of workers' comp benefits issues, including:

  • Filing a claim for benefits
  • Appealing denied workers' compensation benefits claims
  • Helping first responders apply for benefits
  • Obtaining an independent medical exam (IME)
  • Obtaining an expert medical advisor (EMA) as necessary

I take pride in the fact that I am able to educate my clients about how the law applies to their claim, their injuries and what is covered. Working with a lawyer who has a clear understanding of the different issues that can arise in the claims process is vital because it's your future on the line.

Are you a First Responder?

First responders face many risks. It is important to understand your rights after being injured in a work-related accident. At The Law Office of Dennis Dean Smejkal, P.A., in Orlando, I will protect your best interests and guide you through the process of filing a workers' compensation claim.

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Your Medical Care & Treatment

I truly care about you and helping you get better. Workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries that need to be carefully evaluated by a medical team. I know medical terminology and how doctors will document your injuries. This is important because the doctor's diagnosis can impact your workers' compensation claim and ability to receive benefits.

Do you have more questions? Injured in a work accident? Call me.

You have rights after being injured at work. Visit my Frequently Asked Questions area, our Resources area, or contact me. I will evaluate your case and help you every step of the way.